Shiatsu in Koenji

Shiatsu is not only for relaxation, but also for the treatment.
Our clinic contributes to your health through Shiatsu as preventive medicine. Practitioners with correct knowledge of anatomy and physiology perform the Shiatsu.

Shiatsu based on knowledge of sleep science

Acupressure points stimulates the brain, which controls the functions of the whole body. Shiatsu treatment removes any discomfort and provide good quality sleep.
Shiatsu treatment follows the traditional Namikoshi Shiatsu method.

Three Principles of Shiatsu

Vertical pressure
Always apply vertical pressure to complex skin surfaces.

Continuous pressure   
After pressing to confortable pressure, maintain the pressure for 3 to 5 seconds.

Focus on practice
Focus on the feel of your thumb, pressing thumb by thumb.

Shiatsu is national license in Japan

In japan, Shiatsu is recognized as a national license. It is stipulated in the law concerning Amma*, massage and Shiatsu therapist in 1955. To become a Shiatsu practitioner, you need to go to a vocational school and study anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for the 3000 hours curriculum in 3 years. *Amma is Japanese traditional massage.

The history of Shiatsu

Since the time of Hippocrates, humans have performed the act of placing their hands on painful areas.
From 16th to 17th century, massage was systematically studied in Europe, mainly in France. It came to be used in the field of orthopedic surgery in Europe in the 18th century.

In Japan, the character “Anma” is recorded in the Taiho Ritsuryo Code and the Yoro Code around 700 A.C.
In the Edo period, visually impaired people tried to become economically independent by practicing Anma, acupuncture and moxibustion, and playing the biwa.
※Amma is an ancient Japanese manual therapy.

In 1891, a medical masseuse was employed at the University of Tokyo Hospital in Japan.
Under the direction of a doctor, massage for the anti-inflammatory analgesic was performed in orthopedic surgery. Eventually, physiotherapy have developed in Japan.

From the end of Meiji to Taisho era(1900’s~1930’s), chiropractic and osteopathy were imported from America, and then sighted people also began to use manual therapy for treatment.
At that time, pharmaceuticals were imported from other countries along with medical technology. But as an antithesis to the side effects of drugs, non-doctors began to use manual therapy without drugs.

During the Taisho era(around 1920’s), manual therapy, including Judo-seihuku, became popular. This is the foundation of Japanese manual therapy that continues today.

In the end of 1960s, Tokujiro Namikoshi gave a Shiatsu class in a TV program.
Tokujiro said『The heart of Shiatsu is like mother’s love. When you apply Shiatsu, the fountain of life will spring up.』
This slogan was too famous and Shiatsu has also become famous all over the world.

Price List

Shiatsu at our clinic is available by appointment only.

Visiter fee

You can receive Shiatsu at Koenji.
Business hour 13:00~19:00

30min. 4,400 JPY
60min. 8,800 JPY
(consumption tax inclided)

Shiatsu at your hotel

You can receive Shiatsu at your hotel around Shinjuku.
Business hour 19:00~23:00

50min. 11,000 JPY
80min. 16,000 JPY
☑ business trip fee and consumption tax included
☑ Credit card is aveilable

Reservation Form

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